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  • Holly Copeland

How to stay motivated!

One of the biggest things that will get you through work and exams is motivation. Some people naturally have a very motivated mindset and find it easy to get things done and stay productive. It is a hard quality to master and even the most motivated person you know will have days when they feel like laying in bed and not doing anything. It happens to the best of us.

I find that I can stay motivated for long periods of time if I have a goal I am working towards. Or something to look forward to after I have completed what I need to do. I was very motivated in year 11 because I had something I needed to work towards... my exams. I also had lots of amazing things to look forward to after exams like prom, 12 weeks off school, a holiday and starting a new chapter in September. All of these things kept me motivated to press on.

Being motivated is a choice and you can't give up because you find getting motivated hard. That's an excuse. If you want to pass your exams or finish your work by the due date you have to stay focused and motivated. It's hard I know but, you need to experiment and see what gets you motivated.

Recently I have found it hard to stay motivated. Although, I have a study website it doesn't mean I am amazing at revision and ace every exam. I'm just like you. I get to where I am because I work hard.. There is a lot of work in year 12 and I can already see that everyone around me is demotivated. Not because they don't want to do the work but because there is a lot to do and it is still a new change.

Something that can help you stay motivated is a plan. Write down everything you want to have completed by a certain date, maybe Christmas? This way everything you need to get done is right in front of you and you're not wasting time deciding what mind-map you need to do on what day. At the end of the deadline you can look back on all the things you have accomplished and feel very proud of yourself.

As I have been demotivated lately, this is exactly what I am going to do. My deadline will be the start of the Christmas holidays (because who wants to be revising at christams?) and I will write a long list of work I want to have completed by then. I will do my homework like normal so that won't be on my plan

but, I will include revision and other things I need to do before then. For example, finish 10 business mind-maps and learn all flashcards, do practice questions for each subject every Wednesday until Christmas, watch revision videos related to my subjects etc. It's up to you how much work you want to set yourself. For me I want to have a relaxing Christmas knowing I deserve it and have done so much work that I won't have to do much in the holidays. But thats just me.

Christmas is a big motivation. Work hard now and at the end of it you'll have two weeks off school in arguably the happiest season of them all :)


P.s Good luck x

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