Useful Revision Websites and Apps!


GetRevising is an amazing website that has lots of useful resources. It focuses on all levels of study (GSCE, A-Level, BTEC, University). It helps you make your own study guide, study materials and gives you access to past papers. It's search engine is very efficient because it takes into account your level of study, your question and subject area and then gives you access to a wide range or resources from mind maps, to flash cards to past papers, all based on the question you searched.


Tutor2u is a new site I found that was recommended to me by my Business studies teacher. It is a great website for GCSE, BTEC and A-level students. It has limited subject choice but is great for Business Studies and other subjects in that area. It gives you definitions and further information to help you expand your knowledge.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is a very useful website for students studying GCSE's. It has access to information on a wide variety of subjects. The website contains in depth notes on your chosen subject and offers videos and mini tests. It also allows you to select your exam board for that subject so you know you are studying the right material. I used this site a lot when revising and found that the mini tests were a good way of summarising my knowledge.

Revision World

Revision World helped me a lot when revising. It gives you access to past papers based on your subject and exam board. Past papers are a very useful way of revising and this website has access to lots! I especially found it useful for finding Spanish and Maths past papers.


Quizlet is a website that lets you make your own flashcards for your chosen topic. Quizlet then helps you to learn your flashcards off by heart by using different methods to get you to remember them. You also have access to other peoples flashcards if you don't have time to make your own. You can also download Quizlet as an app on you phone!


Seneca is a website that allows you to revise online through knowledge tests and more. The website makes you pick your courses and the exam board you are doing and then gives you access to revision resources that really help. You can see how long you have studied for, how many questions you have answered and your knowledge score. This helps you to understand the areas you don't know as well and presents it as a percentage.

Chegg Flashcards

Chegg flashcards is an app that allows you to make your own set of flash cards and test yourself. It does not need a wifi connection so is easy to use when you're waiting for the bus or just when you're bored when out and about.

SQA My Study Plan

My SQA is an app that makes your revision timetable for you, based on a few questions regarding how good your knowledge is of the subject and how urgently you need to revise it. You can choose the amount of time you want to spend each day and the app will automatically divide your subjects up and give you a period of time to revise them for. This is especially useful when creating your first study timetable. You can also change the urgency and time you want to spend revising.