About me!

Hi, my name is Holly. I am currently studying Business, Media and English Language A-Levels after finishing my GCSE's this summer. Over the last few years, I have found effective ways to revise and even created some youtube videos on how to. This is because I would often get asked how I revise and if I can recommend ways for other people to, as they were finding it difficult to find ways themselves. I have found countless websites and videos that really help me and I thought I could share them with others.

I enjoy giving advice to people especially on topics such as; stress, revising, life and school. I am not a professional but, I have learnt things that I think would help others who are in similar positions. I understand and can relate to how many students feel as we all go through the same things. I made this website to share my experiences and to help other students like me!

I hope you find my site useful :)