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  • Holly Copeland

So you're demotivated and need to start revising!

Demotivation is the hardest obstacle to face when it comes to settling down to do some revision. Having just had a week off school I'm finding it hard to get back into my revision and I know many other people are too, but that's okay, we can't be perfect all the time.

Feeling demotivated is normal. There is always something more exciting to be doing than revision, I think we can all agree on that! But, it is important that you recognise when you are feeling demotivated so that you can become motivated again.

I recently made a mood board of things that motivate me. For example I have a few of my favourite quotes that push me to try my best, pictures of influences I like, potential universities and dream goals. I saved it as my phone home screen and laptop screensaver so that every time I go to grab my phone or laptop I'm reminded of how the work I'm doing will help me achieve my dream goals one day. I also printed it out and stuck it above where I revise to motivate me even more. I would really recommend this if you are feeling demotivated because it will help. I used a website called 'Canva'. It's free to use and has so many cool templates. Give it a try. Whether your doing GCSE's, A-Levels or whatever, everyone has something that they would love to achieve in the future or at least a 6 week break from school. So turn you goals into motivation!

Another thing that gets me out of my demotivated state is doing a weekly plan. You can easily make a template on Word or find a free one online. By writing out what homework you are going to do and how long you are going to spend on revision it will help you clear your mind and give you purpose for the week ahead.


Make sure to give yourself a break. You may be feeling demotivated because you work so hard and your brain needs a rest. That's fine! I would say I try to push myself to my full potential but one thing I have learnt is when to cut myself some slack. I usually feel demotivated when I have spent too much time on a certain thing. And that's okay. Now I just take a break and try to be as 'relaxed' as I can about revising without slacking. Don't be afraid to take breaks, sometimes they're much needed.

Don't think about the revision you have to do too much. I know its hard but if you start to think about how much you have to do, you will demotivate yourself before you even start which is not good. Instead accept it. Yeah you have lots of revision to do but you have to do it and if you do it will only make life easier and help you reach your goals. Try your best to put a positive spin on your revision mindset. It will help you put things into perspective. Once you have accepted the revision you have to do, make your plan, whether thats weekly or monthly. Write down your revision and be proud that you are putting in the hours to better yourself and push yourself to what you know you are capable of.

Everyone gets demotivated, if you don't you're probably supernatural and I want your powers! If you feel demotivated go out there make yourself a plan and get stuff done!

-Holly :)

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