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  • Holly Copeland

How to revise for your GCSE mocks!

My first set of year eleven mocks was the week after half-term so I thought I would make a blog post about how I revised for those mocks in half-term.

One key thing to remember is that half-term is for relaxing. You should not be revising every single day for eight hours. You need to revise but you also need to rest.

I would defiantly recommend making a revision timetable as it will help you to stay on top of your revision. I have inserted a picture of my timetable when I was revising for my GCSE mocks during half-term. Your timetable will look completely different to mine because you will probably have set times you like to revise for. For me, I like having a relaxing morning so I didn't start my revision until ten o'clock but if you want to finish your day earlier, I would recommend starting your revision at nine o'clock or even 8 o'clock in the morning, if you're an early bird. Make sure you give yourself breaks especially at lunch! I finished my revision at four everyday so then I could chill for the rest of the evening. As it's my birthday in half-term I took a day off from revision and the next day finished at two o'clock rather than four o'clock because I was having a friend over. Your timetable does not have to be as intense as mine. Thats the good thing about timetables, they are completely your own. I can honestly say when it came to the weekend I only did two/three subjects a day because I needed to relax before going back to school.

Your timetable is not set in stone. You can change it and change the hours you revise for. As long as you have a guide for revision you will find it easier to manage your time.

I printed off past-papers and made flash-cards and mind maps when I was revising but found that past papers were the most useful. For more revision resources check out my revision section on this website.

Good luck and remember you can only do your best and your best is good enough :)

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